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      Educational tablets from 8-inches to 10-inches tailored for the educational market

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Available for both iOS and Android

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How to Scan

Pick, Scan, and Draw

The scanning process with Mozbii is incredibly simple. The stylus is designed with minimum buttons to press, but rather allows the kid to simply point and press the device against a surface to capture its color....

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Mozbii lets kids approach color like never before!

With a simple scan, Mozbii mirros that color on the screen of any tablets allowing further interaction with the child...

Tony Alvarez CEO Daddy Daycare

Mozpal 10 is the new transformer

Mozpal 10 convertible tablets folds out a keyboard, turning into a full-blown notebook running both Android and iOS.

Jose Ramirez Mountain View School District

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We continue to develop new products for the educational market

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